I bet you didn’t know that a huge proportion of the most successful people on this planet started out in sales.

Whatever job you do, I promise you that knowing how to sell will help you.

So get yourself some training – formal, informal, online, face to face, books, podcasts, videos, whatever. Then practice. And practice again and again and again.

(I’m good at sales, but I never stop learning and practising)

Do this and you never know, one day, you might be as successful as these people who started out in sales:

Famous People who started out in sales

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💹Warren Buffett – one of the richest men in the world. He sold securities!

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💹Paul Mitchell – as in the Paul Mitchell hair products. He sold hair products door to door.

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💹Gary Vaynerchuk – famous for growing his family’s wine business. He started selling baseball cards

Actor Johnny Depp Attends The Jeanne Du Barry Photocall At News Photo 1685634329 300x300, Tadpole Training

💹Johnny Depp – film star – he used to be a telemarketer (although to be fair, he admitted he wasn’t very good at it, but it helped him in his acting career)

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💹Ellen DeGeneres – Comedian and Talk Show Host – sold clothes and demonstrated Hoovers!

George Clooney Added That He Doesnt Want To Sell His Reputation And Position For Money 300x225, Tadpole Training

💹George Clooney – Film star – he used to sell insurance

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💹 Stephen Bartlett – found out he had an aptitude for sales by selling tickets to his birthday party when he was still at school

So I reckon sales is a pretty good skill to master don’t you? I mean, this lot haven’t done too badly!

Contact me if you want to find out about our open courses where we can teach you the basics of sales!

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