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February 2015

Do you know what your customers don’t want?

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sales tips - shaking handsHave you any idea what your customers want? OK – have you any idea what they don’t want?

Well, you probably have more of an idea than you think you do. After all, you are a customer too aren’t you? Maybe you could give yourself some sales tips. And I’m sure you have pretty strong ideas about how you do and don’t want to be treated – whether it’s in the supermarket, buying a new car or considering renewing your insurance. When you interact with a salesperson, there are rules. So when you are trying to sell to others, you will do a lot better if you remember some of the major turn-offs for customers. Here are the main things you should do.

1. Listen – time and time again in surveys, this is the one thing that customers really want more than anything else – they want the sales person to listen to them. What they do not want is someone who talks, talks, talks. So use your ears and your mouth in the correct proportion and listen twice as much as you speak. Customers will love you for it. Read More