Something is happening in the world of sales improvement.

For context, this is to do with straightforward training (yes I know everything is connected, but bear with me).

Imagine you need some sales training for your team….

❓ Do you set a budget and work to it?

❓ Do you bring someone in to advise and then quote?

❓ Do you approach it holistically or as a sort of ‘one off’ dose of medicine and hope for the best?

❓ Do you involve other functions (marketing, customer service, sales support) or is it purely for the sales team?

❓ Do you break it down by job function (DBM, AM, inbound and so on) or is it more about skills (questioning, listening, identifying needs, closing, time management)

❓ Do you feel under pressure to offer something new?

❓ Do you feel under pressure to make sure they get the basics right, because that is where they are really struggling?

❓ Do you undertake a Learning Needs Analysis?

❓ Do you ensure some sort of follow up takes place to embed the learning?

❓ Do you approach it as a ‘jolly’ for some much needed team bonding?

❓ Do you measure the ROI?

Why am I asking this? Well, because it’s complicated stuff!

And what I am seeing more and more, is that as our worlds become increasingly complex, people don’t really KNOW why they want sales training for their team. There is often a generic ‘they aren’t performing well enough’ approach, together with a smattering of what I’ve listed above.

It is worth acknowledging that all the answers above are right by the way – because it depends on your organisation, your team, your challenges.

So if you have an inkling that your people might need some sales training, but need to discuss what you want it to achieve, let’s chat. Loads of good things start with a simple conversation.

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