Frequently Asked Questions

Sales FAQ’s

Where are your courses held?

We run both virtual and face to face training sessions. Our main training locations are Central London, Cheshunt, Harlow in Essex and Manchester. Bespoke training can take place at your premises – our trainers are located all throughout the United Kingdom.

How do I know which course is right for me?

There is detailed information on each course on this website, but we are always happy to have a chat and advise you of the best course, depending on your specific needs. Click here to arrange a call you back.

Do you get a certificate on completion of the training?

Yes we give a certificate for all of our courses and this counts towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

I have never sold before and the thought of it worries me. Is there a suitable course for me?

Yes, we understand that if you are new to sales, it can feel quite scary. So we have several courses for beginners. Speak with one of our team who will answer any of your questions and point you in the right direction

Can you create a sales training course specifically for our company?

Yes. A tailored training programme can be a very cost-effective way of delivering training to your team. We will discuss with you what you want to achieve, create a bespoke course and deliver it however you would prefer. 

How much do courses cost?

The prices for all our open workshops are listed on our website. Bespoke training will be priced on an individual basis and depends on your requirements, the amount of preparation needed, number of days and number of delegates. 

How many people are there on each course?

We recommend a maximum of 14 on each face to face course, (although we have delivered to larger groups online). Smaller groups ensure that all participants get personal attention, have the chance to practice what they have learned and can interact with one another. An enjoyable learning experience makes for more information absorbed and better retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching FAQ’s

I am not sure which coaching is for me. Can you help me go through the options?

Yes. The best thing to do is contact us and arrange to speak with one of our advisers who will guide you through the options. Ultimately we want you to make the right choice for you, so we will ask you a lot of questions and then make recommendations on the back of that.

Do you coach sales teams?

Yes. Here we will look at working with you on a retainer basis, to ensure that your team gets continuity. We will speak with you in depth to discover what your specific goals and objectives are and then we will allocate the coach we believe will be the best fit for you.

I know the programme I want, how do I get started?

Of course!

My number is 07748 994 334 or schedule a call with one of our team or email us on

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