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Welcome to Tadpole Training! We offer a range of sales training and coaching to everyone from corporates to solopreneurs, all with the intention of helping you get better at sales and selling.

Why sales training is for your sales team

You have an established sales team with targets in place but the team is not hitting target, or they are selling inconsistently, which makes it difficult to plan. You know they have the talent, but you do wonder if they are delivering all they could be and can’t tell if they lack motivation, skills, aptitude or they are just not cut out for sales.
You want them to go out there and do what they are supposed to do: Sell!!!

What do you need most right now

You want something straightforward and proven that will deliver tangible results, rather than just a ‘tick box’ exercise
You need some quick wins, but also something that will deliver you strong, consistent results over time.

It could be any of these:

  • Basic sales training for new starters or as a refresher
  • Account management
  • Telephone sales skills
  • Social Selling
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Negotiation
  • Or something bespoke

But whatever it is, you want to be proactive instead of reactive and enable both your team and yourself to focus on the important things, rather than just fire-fighting.


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Why sales training is for you and your small business

You have started your own business and you are passionate about it, but you are not earning enough money and your business is not growing fast enough. You don’t have consistent cash-flow and clients are not coming as quickly as you would like. You sometimes wonder if you made the right decision to set up on your own, because you are getting pulled in all directions and you don’t seem to have enough time. You know you can’t keep on doing what you have been doing, because that isn’t working well enough and you are starting to lose confidence in your ability to achieve your dreams.

What your sales issues tend to be

You don’t have a clear sales strategy to get this growth and work/life balance that you so desperately want, you are struggling to structure your day effectively and you lack formal processes and procedures to manage client growth. Due to gaps in your knowledge, you know you are losing potential clients and opportunities, but you are not sure what these gaps are. Worse, you are delivering inconsistent service – sometimes you are amazing, sometimes you are so pressurised that the service falls way below what it should and you are scared you might lose some of your existing customers. You are spending money on marketing without understanding whether it is working, but you still worry that perhaps you are not marketing enough or in the right way, because you don’t seem to generate the leads and sales that you expected. You know you should be working on your business and delegating or outsourcing, but you are stuck working “in” your business instead. You just feel like you are always firefighting and that the joy is starting to go from your life.

What do you need most right now

You want a clear, simple proven sales formula to follow – a detailed yet achievable sales and marketing strategy that will work for you, increase your sales and ultimately get more clients, who will not only pay you, but generate regular, guaranteed cash flow. You don’t want to mess around, because you need results quickly. You also want to ensure that your products and services are packaged and presented in such a way that you don’t get caught in a discounting trap so you can charge (and get) the right price. You want to set goals that work for you – and if someone could help you be accountable then that would be great too. The bottom line is that you need your business to start generating revenue quickly so that you can earn some money, regain your self-belief and start to enjoy your life again.

Google Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
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Tracey Kinchella
Janet at Tadpole Training delivers an excellent sales training course. She provides lots of resources, excellent information and in a great environment. Janet gave me so much confidence to help me move forward in my business. I would highly recommend Janet at Tadpole Training for anyone at a crossroads in their business or struggling with sales. Thanks Janet
ACg8ocKq7U98H I2VhAVi0WYC4ySsrjvNeW0NJjeuPnbAfby=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Charley Moore
Janet is an inspirational, interactive and motivational teacher. I attended one of Janet’s LinkedIn courses and it was so useful!
ACg8ocIG UpMkFnxMsUvaF7OEXrCIw1gAstS6k76NljUXa7n=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Janet Efere is an excellent Sles trainer/coach. She has great skills in helping people get a better understaning of the sales process and the ways in which one can seriously improve their performance. The training received from her has made a massive difference to my performance
ALV UjU Zq3pnDGXCIx24JxMmiu3QoIL ZGm5HUjiXbg5F69ih4=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Caitriona Whelan
Janet is a pro, I had a few calls, emails in advance to discuss our requirements. All were taken on board and came through in both content and delivery. She customised the sales training for our business and within a day we were seeing the results. A great investment and Janet is great fun to work with.
ACg8ocK CUMk35KuZbFTWasrnIqzXgYmJ8Jhl9elVMP49IYn=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Jade Anderson
Janet is AMAZING!!!! I was receiving regular leads, most of which I couldn’t close. On the rare occasion I managed to however, I would say 8/10 of them decided not to move forward with me. I really started to doubt my ability and having had one too many knocks to my confidence, I was gradually becoming worse and worse. To my surprise after just a few sessions with Janet, I am now closing approximately 8/10 of my leads! If it wasn’t for Janet I dread to think of where my business would be. I am so incredibly grateful. Thank you, Janet!
ALV UjV Du RK5tHnjOVC S05eX2YlBPDYHOJWyOJBS4oNTB1J4=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Suzanne Fells
Janet is an awesome sales trainer . She brings huge amounts of enthusiasm, energy and kindness to any sales training room. She is patient and experienced and has reframed my online selling ensuring I now gain brilliant £-results. Highly recommended
ALV UjXEAnHtocu2LQXyyv8M2spmZXKqh51Kf7oeVQtpYiENmg=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Lucy Howe
Great training Programme. Janet provides a fabulous programme, with lots of solid information but delivers it at an easy pace. She gave me so much confidence in my business going forward and gave me back my excitement for delivering my programmes again. I would highly recommend Janet and Tadpole Training for anyone at a crossroads in their business or struggling with sales. Thanks Janet.
ACg8ocI JJi7ipFT8d2rIUtoVjZq0uqqET3p2S0TSg NIArJ=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
They are the masters at what they do. For sales coaching uk you can’t find better than I can highly recommend.
ALV UjVjb Ch4UgZzW6we6S7uJyBZ7mZ8rrwty8Esx0 1qevlJc=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Jon Whycer
Janet probably the most relatable sales skills trainer's I've had the pleasure of engaging with. Her many years of lived successful sales experience means she has incredibly extensive knowledge to share with you if your aim is to develop or enhance your own skills. More than that, Janet is a highly skilled trainer and presenter with a very relatable and engaging style. Yes- she makes it fun! Whether it's an online webinar, classroom training or one-to-one, Janet not only teaches practical techniques that can help you close more business but also explains the reason for them, as well as giving advice about what not to do. If you're someone who is in any way intimidated by the thought of 'selling' then Janet is the ideal person to help you understand, in a very friendly and non-scary way, how you could actually do it successfully too. And if you just have specific things that you need to improve or brush up on then Janet could help you there too. I hardly need to say that, from personal experience, I can thoroughly recommend Janet Efere to you.
ALV UjV4CUecuVJiI51PeZ0Pa3jhNlsCXgHmiFk ErmFAqNCB9A=s120 C Rp Mo Br100, Tadpole Training
Gina Atsu
Janet is just awesome 🤩 I’d been following Janet on LinkedIn for a while and a lot of what she said really resonated with me, then a friend of mine recommended I give her call so I did. I connected with her instantly. Her energy is so warm and genuine and her business acumen is amazing. Janet is her own success story and this gave me even more faith in her. Since working with her she’s gone from strength to strength in my eyes. Janet is incredibly supportive and I am truly so happy to be working with her. I’d highly recommend her to anyone else wanting elevate their business. Gina

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