Are you using TED?

You probably should be, but might not know what it is!

TED is a lovely sales tool. It’s an acronym which stands for:


It’s useful when you are trying to uncover information from a buyer. You have probably asked loads of questions already to find out about what they need and whether you can help them, but TED is great because it helps you probe a little deeper.

Here are some examples of how to use it:

“Tell” me what is important to you.

“Explain” to me how you are going to make a decision.

“Describe” to me what the perfect outcome would look like.

This is very customer-centric, as you are pretty much inviting them to talk!

Note, as these are not technically questions, rather invitations, the TED structure is softer than just chucking loads of questions at the customer.

Try it and you’ll be surprised what you uncover!

Happy selling!

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