This is the story of how not to engage with your ideal client.

(it’s real, so I have changed the names to protect the innocent)

Tony had a very specific customer profile for his services. His ideal customer was high level, high profile and notoriously hard to gain access to.

Tony joined a networking group run by Amy. After a chat with Tony, Amy was able to make a mental connection that one of her members was about to get married to the exact person that John wanted.

But there was a problem, the member didn’t want anyone to know (her husband-to-be was very well known) so Amy couldn’t tell anyone.

However, what Amy could do was sit them next to each other at the networking meeting. After all, networking is all about building relationships isn’t it? She hoped that after an hour in each other’s company, over an informal meal, they would have joined the dots!

At the end of the meeting, anticipating a very happy Tony, she went up to him and enquired how it went. He had enjoyed the meeting, but there was nothing to indicate he had made a breakthrough regarding his ideal client.

Undeterred, the following month at the next meeting, Amy tried again – she sat Tony next to the same lady. One meal and about an hour later, she approached Tony hoping for good news.

Tony wasn’t happy.

He complained to Amy that he had twice been sat next to the same woman – someone with whom he had no natural synergy and who was no good for him or his business.

He requested not to have his time wasted like that again.


Oh Tony!

☑️ Sales is more nuanced than people think.

☑️ It is about getting to know people. Other humans are endlessly fascinating if you take the time to find out!

☑️ We tend to buy from those we know, like and trust.

☑️ So take an interest in people – you never know where your next best customer will come from – they might even be sitting next to you!

Happy selling!

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