Learn to sell.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? “Learn to sell”. Roll it around your tongue. “Learn to sell”.

If it is so easy, why do so many people struggle with it? Well, I would liken it to driving a car. Before someone teaches you to drive, guess what? You can’t drive! It’s not a huge surprise is it? Yet, all over the business world, so many people declare “I can’t sell!”

So what do they do about it? NOTHING!!! And then, they wonder why they still struggle, why they don’t bring in the money, the sales, the growth that they kind of magically hope will happen. They speak to experts, gurus (yeah, right!), marketers who all promise results. But here is the truth. The absolute truth; if you are in business you simply must learn to sell. It’s your business so it’s your responsibility. No sales = no money. That’s the bottom line.

So get yourself on a course, get a mentor, a coach, a trainer but get yourself skilled up, because otherwise EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT PASSES, you will lose money and you will NEVER get that money back, because once that day has gone, it’s gone forever.

There are loads of free resources out there, but don’t spend ages – learning and practicing is far more important.

One of the most popular courses we run is called “I’m not a Salesperson” and it covers all the basics. You can request information about it here https://www.tadpoletraining.com/contact/

How did YOU learn to sell?

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