If you have come across The GROW Model for coaching your team, here are some questions you can use to ensure it works properly.

The model was originally developed in the 1980s by business coaches Graham Alexander, Alan Fine, and Sir John Whitmore. A good way of thinking about the GROW Model is to think about how you’d plan a journey.

So if you are a leaders and manager, this will help you.

GROW is a simple but effective way to coach your team, especially if you have a tricky or seemingly unsurmountable problem. It is an extremely practical tool and helps you keep focussed.

GROW stands for:

Goals and Aspirations
Reality – i.e. the current situation
Options – possibilities and resources
Way Forward/Will – what will you actually do

Let’s have a brief explanation and look at some of the questions you can ask in each stage to use the GROW model:


Identify a goal that is inspiring enough to keep up the motivation to complete it. Ask:

* What are you looking to achieve?
* What would be your ideal outcome?
* What is the bigger picture?


Discuss what is going on now and what barriers stop you achieving the goal. Ask:

* What is the current situation?
* What resources do you have to help you?
* What obstacles are in your way?


Explore the different options available to you. Ask:

* What can you do to bridge the gap between the Goal and the Reality?
* What options are available?
* Who else can help you?
* Which option is most appealing at the moment?


Agree exactly what is going to happen, including timeframes. Ask:

* What will you do now?
* What actions do you need to take?
* How will you know if you have been successful?
* When will you do it by?

So in many ways, this simplifies goal setting whilst ensuring that you can move through the other stages to a successful outcome.

Do you like GROW or do you have other favourites when goal setting?

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