Who do you think is better at selling, the Yanks or the Brits?

Now, I don’t want to start a fight (truly!), but there are some differences between how we approach things aren’t there?

[Disclaimer, I cut my sales teeth at Xerox, so I was influenced by some of the best that our friends across the pond could throw at us, albeit tempered with a good dose of British sensibility]

OK, here are some examples of how we seem to view things differently:

💥 Americans don’t think of sales as something nasty or yucky and it is a well-respected profession. In the UK, people proudly declare that they don’t want to seem like they are selling anything.

💥 Enthusiasm – let’s face it, in the US, you are extremely enthusiastic – even when life is literally assaulting you with negativity! Get rejected 100 times in a row and you will still see sunshine and possibilities. Here, we close an amazing deal and get rewarded with the understated ‘That wasn’t a bad effort.’

💥 Willingness to embrace new things. In the UK if it is relatively new (say the last 100 years or so) then it might be worth trying. Any less than that and we get rather nervous. Whereas in the US, new things abound and are embraced willingly.

💥 When cold calling, if you ask ‘How are you?’ Two totally different things happen. In America, you get a considered and appreciative response. In the UK, you will get a sharp intake of breath, a roll of the eyes and a ‘fine, what is it you want?’ muttered in a distinctly cool tone.

💥 Sales Playbook …. what even is that? I have never definitively had someone explain what this strange American thing is. I bet it’s great, but please tell me what it is!!!

Personally I think there are pros and cons with both cultures – I love our British sarcasm, but I also love the American ‘can do’ attitude.

So I’m curious – what other differences have you noticed?

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