There is lots of advice out there about how to be better at selling, but one of the most powerful ways comes through simple consistency.

Simon Sinek talks about it a lot

Robert Cialdini talks about it a lot

It is so powerful and yet, sometimes we get caught up in the next bright shiny object and forget to apply a simple rule.

Be Consistent!

The act of doing small things regularly and habitually, so that, over time, we get big results.


💪🏽We go to the gym regularly, not just once a year

🪥We brush our teeth daily, not just before a visit to the dentist

📑Advertising – a campaign is rolled out across different platforms and repeated, rather than one big advert once.

So how can we apply consistency in sales? There are many ways:

✔️ You can regularly contact 10 prospects every day (not 200 in one go)

✔️ You can regularly check your pipeline rather than waiting until your figures are down

✔️ You can ensure you have sales meetings in your diary every day instead of having huge gaps

✔️ You can have regular check-ins with your team, instead of leaving it until the time they are struggling

In many ways consistency is one of the easiest principles to apply within sales, but it can be tough if you are not naturally disciplined. However, with a little bit of diary management and an understanding of why you are doing it, you WILL notice that it makes an impact.

How has being consistent helped you in the past?

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