Lazy person’s guide to getting better at sales ….

There are loads of posts out there in the world telling you what you should do to get better at selling, but how about what you shouldn’t do if you want to get better at it?

Here are some quick and easy wins because they just involve NOT doing something (see, I told you it was good for lazy people!)

❌ Stop talking! (Well reduce talking) In sales you don’t need to be a great talker, instead you need to be able to listen. So in simple terms, ask some great questions, SHUT UP and listen.

❌ Don’t say ‘how are you today’ when you call someone you don’t know. It absolutely doesn’t work – at least not in the UK. It also screams of bad training. Not the best start.

❌Stop believing the self-publicists who tell you that you will earn a gazillion pounds in 3 weeks by using their secret system. Save yourself time, money, energy and stress by understanding that, for most of us, sustainable success comes through consistent effort and continuous improvements – often by good old fashioned reading really good books! There just isn’t a silver bullet.

❌ Stop chasing every deal – work out a system to qualify prospects so that you are only spending time on the sales that are likely to come in. This is about working smart, not hard.

❌ Stop blaming the economy, your boss, your competitors, your (insert anyone else you like) for low sales figures. Firstly it is distracting your mental energy, but secondly, if you just knuckle down, work out a strategy and implement it, then guess what? Chances are you will beat the problems you are facing.

❌ Stop being too hard on yourself. Take some time to acknowledge your wins, your successes, your high points. I read an article recently that said we talk negatively to ourselves about 20 times more than we talk positively to ourselves. That’s a lot of negativity! So cut yourself some slack.

There you are, some simple easy things you can NOT do!

Happy selling!

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