Do you often feel under too much pressure? In sales it is easy to feel like that – pressure to hit target, to make X amount of calls, to get that customer to speak with you, to ensure orders are fulfilled.

It can be overwhelming.

One of the simplest tools I was ever taught to help with that feeling of pressure is the Eisenhower Matrix (also known as the Urgent/Important Matrix).

There are a few variations, but I like this one.

Everything can be measured across two axes:


which means that all tasks can be broken down into 4 categories. Using the traffic light colours can help you here)

🟩 Urgent and Important (DO IT!)

🟧Urgent and not Important (DELEGATE IT!)

🟧Not urgent and Important (DIARISE IT!)

🟥Not urgent and not Important (DUMP IT!)

So a great exercise to do when you are feeling overwhelmed, is to draw a square, divide it into these 4 categories and literally go through all the things you have to do. Write them in the appropriate box.

A few things will happen:

1. You can see exactly what you need to work on straight away
2. If there are things you can dump, then you have just lost a chunk of ‘stuff’ that was clogging up your brain
3. If there are things you can diarise, it gives you space
4. If there are things you can delegate, then it takes the pressure off. It can also be developmental for new or more junior people who work with you.

What is your experience of using this tool?

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