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In my job I train people how to sell. When it works it is amazing – they get something they can use for life and, sometimes it transforms them. That’s a wonderful feeling. What do you do that helps people? Perhaps you provide a service or product that they love. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but don’t you just love that terrific warm feeling of a job well done and a customer with a smiling face?

So why not spread a little happiness around? When someone is kind enough to thank you, praise you or publicly compliment you on what you have just done for them, don’t you feel just a little bit taller, a little bit happier on the inside? Of course you do. What about if they go to the trouble of actually recommending you to someone else? I always feel a little bit humbled that someone has made that effort for me (but of course pleased as well – after all, although I never expect a recommendation, I do believe in trying to delight customers and give them more than they expect). Recommendations are the best form of advertising – and what should be what we are all striving for.

So I am going to encourage you to try and make someone else feel like that today. Who has provided you with a brilliant service, a cheery disposition under difficult services or who has gone the extra mile? It doesn’t matter if you bought something big or small, simple or complex, if they were amazing, then spread the word and recommend them to other potential clients. Make them feel wonderful.

And you know what? You will feel good because of it. The gift of happiness is a precious thing.

Finally, they say that ‘what goes round comes round’. Or you might know it as the ‘Law of Attraction’. It doesn’t really matter, but if you give out positivity, the chances are that very soon, some positivity will be heading in your direction too. So spread the joy and recommend someone amazing today.

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