What do you think, is sales training a cost to your business or an investment?

Well, if you think sales training is expensive, wait until you see what it costs you to not invest in it.

I was delivering training last week to some newly recruited salespeople. The company had provided a week of training, to give them the maximum chance of succeeding (full declaration here, I didn’t do the full week as it included product and systems training). However, I did get the chance to spend a lot of time with the newbies.

They talked in general terms about why they had joined the company and there was an interesting theme.

Without exception, one of the factors that influenced their choice of who to work for, was the fact that this organisation was prepared to invest in their training.

Was it an accident that it was a training company? I think not. Because they know – this stuff really matters:

✔️ If you’re new to sales, you want an employer who will support you and teach you the ropes

✔️ If you’re a bit more experienced, you understand how difficult it is to excel at your sales job if you don’t get training

✔️ If you are hungry to do well and get promoted, you will choose employers who can demonstrate they are prepared to invest in you and develop you

✔️ Employers, you understand how expensive it is to recruit new people

✔️ Employers, you understand that not every sales person will make it, but it’s sensible to give them the best chance possible

✔️ Employers, you know that if you don’t invest in your people, it will affect your bottom line

✔️ And finally, you know that if you don’t invest in your best people, they will just up and leave you (possibly for your competitor )who is prepared to.

Training isn’t a luxury, it’s part of the essential mix that makes up a successful team.

Think about it – how confident would you be if were about to have an operation and your surgeon told you they hadn’t had any training?

So please invest in your people. It really will be cheaper in the long run.

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