You have probably noticed the explosion in the use of LinkedIn over the last few years.

There are plenty of people on the platform telling you how to use LinkedIn to drive business, but most of them don’t seem to have a Scooby Doo about what successful social selling looks like.

WHEREAS, for the past 8 years, LinkedIn has consistently generated roughly 80% of my work. I therefore respectfully suggest that I do know what I’m talking about.

So here are my shotgun 10 top tips to help you sell on LinkedIn. You might find that some of these sound basic, but I’m saying them because loads of people don’t do them.

1. Fill out all the sections (duh)
2. Have an up to date, professional, high quality profile photo
3. Get recommendations – these are the gold star of quality on LinkedIn, so start asking
4. Always create posts as though you are talking to your ideal customer. Then (guess what) your ideal customer will read them and think ‘that person is talking my language’
5. Copy the BBC – your posts should EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and INFORM (not go ‘buy my stuff, buy my stuff’)
6. Post regularly – once a week is OK, daily is better, monthly is better than nothing
7. Comment, react and engage with other posts. It’s good manners, it drives engagement on your own posts and if you put intelligent comments, people perceive you as someone who adds value
8. Fill out your Contact Section so people can actually get in touch with you
9. Be disciplined and regularly reach out to connect with people. I try and connect with 10 new people every day.
10. Use the About section to really showcase what you do and how you help people.

There’s lots more too and I’ll be covering it on my training. If you are interested in the next LinkedIn training I’m doing, check out the dates here

Happy (social) selling!

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