What can you do when you are not feeling motivated and you have the sales blues?

Sales is a funny old job – we are, in many ways, doing something that is unnatural – trying to start conversations which seem counter-intuitive and (let’s face it) can lead and will lead to rejection.

Here are my 5 top tips to get motivated if you’ve got those Monday morning sales blues:

1. Set small goals to get you started. ‘Ring 10 people each day’ is easier than ‘ring 100 people each day’. Sure it’s smaller, but if you don’t ring anyone because 100 is too many then it’s not a good goal. Aim a bit lower and chalk up some wins. You can always increase the number.

2. Eat your particular frog as quickly as you can. We all have stuff we don’t want to do, difficult conversations we have to have. Well, do them and free up your brain so you don’t have them hovering over you like a dark cloud.

3. Reward yourself for little wins. If you have a particularly good call, or you finally get an enquiry from someone you’ve been chasing, give yourself a little pat on the back. Buy that coffee, sit in the sun for 10 minutes, do something that gives you joy in the moment.

4. Do something nice for someone else. I am a great believer in ‘Thank you’ cards when someone does something nice. Or give them a shoutout on LinkedIn, or do a Google review. Volunteer, do charity work. Lots of people appreciate a little bit of support and being nice to others makes us feel better about ourselves.

5. Be grateful. Most of you reading this live in the developed world. Whatever you are going through, the chances are you have somewhere to live, you are safe, you have received an education, you have enough to eat, access to free healthcare at the point of need and you have the chance to develop in life. A huge proportion of the world don’t have those things.

So I hope that has helped you.

What are your top tips to get yourself motivated?

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