Sometimes you need to make one last little push before Christmas don’t you?

There are sales out there to be closed, so capitalise in the Christmas spirit and see what might work for you.

1. Ring up your customers to thank them for working with you and to wish them a Merry Christmas. A bit of goodwill goes a long way and it’s nicer than an email!

2. Having said that, make sure your email signature is set up with your correct holiday days and let customers know your last order days/operating hours and alternative contacts

3. It’s probably a bit late to send it an actual card now, but what about an ecard…. they can be fun and a bit different?

4. Go personal…. share which moments with your customers meant a lot. For example ‘that joke about XYZ is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Thankyou for relieving the stress’. Reminding customers of the good times is always a nice thing.

5. Text them a Christmas cracker joke and say ‘this is so bad is good… right you might appreciate it’

So much about sales is to do with relationships, so show your customers that you value them.

How do you reach out to customers at Christmas time? please share.

Merry Christmas!

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