How can elephants help you sell more?

Well if you can get more elephants in your life, it can actually make a difference to your sales figures!

(anyone who has been on my training probably knows what’s coming next….)

You know the cliché of the salesperson? You know, the one who has the ‘gift of the gab’? Well, you undoubtedly know that being a talker doesn’t ensure you are good at sales or selling. So today’s tip is all about doing the opposite of talking.

It’s about pausing.

Why would you want to pause in a sales conversation? Lots of reasons:

✅ Silence makes the other person think
✅ It stops you looking desperate (especially important in negotiations)
✅ It can get the other person to reveal more information
✅ It creates a natural punctuation in a conversation
✅ It can slow the conversation down

Alright, so where do the elephants come in?

Well, when you want to introduce a pause, about 3 seconds is enough. Long enough to have an impact, but not so long it gets uncomfortable.

And how do you know how long 3 seconds is?

Well, it’s enough time for you to count 3 elephants in your head:

“one elephant, two elephant, three elephant”

And there you have your 3 second pause with all the terrific things that can achieve for you! (just remember not to say it out loud!)

Happy selling!

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