Everyone loves a bit of humour and sales memes are designed to cheer you up because they are so TRUE TO LIFE and they can give you that little bit of motivation when you need it.

If you’ve trained with me, you will have seen some of these on my slides – after all, there’s no reason why sales should be dull!

So here are some of my favourites:

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We all know the feeling of not getting the deal and then …. somehow …. we do get the deal!

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Obviously, we don’t want to appear smug (or do we?)

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Unfortunately, we can only think this – probably best not to actually do it!

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Oh yes, we feel your pain. And then tomorrow, it starts all over again!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve actually done this (probably best to only do it with certain customers though!) Credit: The Daily Sales

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And all you’re trying to do is be nice! Keep going and call it the high moral ground.

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So why exactly did you bother getting in touch? I actually do not have time to waste on you. Sometimes they are just irrational (or could that be that they are not telling you the entire truth)

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Yes of course I have trust issues Mr Customer.

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Don’t question it, just get them signed up!

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If only ……. (one of my all-time favourites)

Kimk, Tadpole Training

So what exactly is wrong with you that you couldn’t just tell me to my face?

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It can be a slightly up and down journey and, let’s face it, we can cover the entire spectrum in less than a minute most days.

Credit: Sales Humor

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Actually I have said this – and why not – it’s not like they are the same is it?

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Yup – champagne tastes on a beer budget!

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Blimey, are you sure?

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And how does that work exactly? Tell you what, pay now to tie in the price and we can talk.

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Literally encapsulates everything that is wrong with chasing the best price. I encourage salespeople to have a picture of that in their presentations and wave it in front of customers. They know. Oh yes, they know!

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Reasonable question

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To tell the truth, or not to tell the truth…..?

CR1OzPUWEAAulaZ, Tadpole Training

It’s not so bad really – you never know what might happen!

CenlyCFWEAADFRi.jpg, Tadpole Training

It’s worse if you really practised beforehand as well

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Desperation is not attractive!

Sell1, Tadpole Training

Well at least you listened during the sales training. Might have overdone it a bit though.

Credit: Randy Glasbergen

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Choices, choices. Yup – I’ll choose the wrong choice I think!

Images 13, Tadpole Training

Can the whole world see my awesomeness. Better make sure they can!

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It is a tricky one, but obviously you can educate them later!

Moses 1024x724, Tadpole Training

Yes it does happen. How mighty are you? Oh so mighty!

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Because literally you are killing them!

Kevin Shiau Meme Best, Tadpole Training

Because obviously they will won’t they? Eventually. At some point. I hope.

1jod1r, Tadpole Training

Gotta finish with this guy. Probably a good thing he’s not in sales – I have a feeling he’d always be top of the leader board!

So that’s my top 30

I bet a few of these resonated! Which ones (and feel free to add your favourites to the chat – I’m always on the lookout for new ones!)

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