Do you know what exceptional selling looks like?

I think you’ll enjoy this:

In May last year I was with my friend in Norwich. He wanted to go to the Rolex shop there

Now, if you are not familiar with Rolex’s business model, you don’t just walk into their shop and buy a watch – oh no! It’s much cleverer than that

So we pass the security guard to be greeted by an assistant who was absolutely charming and dressed immaculately. After establishing that we weren’t just time wasters and actually knew our stuff (well, my friend did), she invited us to sit

We were seated in a quiet area and asked if we would like some champagne.

We were given about 10 minutes to just sit and absorb the surroundings, with cabinet after cabinet stuffed with gorgeous watches, none of which were for sale

The assistant came to chat with us. My friend had suggested we ask about ladies watches for me, so the assistant asked me some questions

I had turned up wearing my fitbit. She asked me what watch I normally wore so I described my gold cocktail watch. She replied with ‘beautiful, very tasteful, good choice.’

We then proceeded to try on some ladies watches.

Here is where Rolex is so clever – demand exceeds supply, so there was nothing I could actually buy except something for about £1800 – it didn’t carry the Rolex name, but it was a sort of ‘starter’ – if you buy that, they know you are serious and can go on a waiting list for the real thing. Then if you’re lucky, in a couple of years, you might be able to buy a ‘proper’ Rolex.

Anyway, I didn’t especially like this watch, so the assistant offered an alternative

It’s the one in the picture.

It was £22,000

Was it the atmosphere, the watch itself, the clever sale or what? With this gorgeous thing on my wrist I had an acute emotional reaction to the weight and feel of the thing – it felt and looked so good. I shed a tear and started to mentally assess whether I could afford it.

Then logic kicked in and I said no!

What are the lessons:

✔ Branding is everything
✔ Don’t be desperate to sell, Rolex plays on the principle of scarcity
✔ Treat your customers like royalty
✔ Don’t rush your customers, we were deliberately kept waiting, which meant that we had time to appreciate their products
✔ The champagne was a clever touch (I had tea by the way) – it both makes you feel important, suggesting luxury & lowers your resistance!
✔ Let customers touch and experience your products – it allows them to imagine owning them
✔ Compliment them – this woman was a genius when it came to complimenting my cocktail watch – it could have been hideous for all she knew, but she managed to make me feel as though I had terrific taste
✔ People buy with emotion and logic
✔ Always go for an upsell or cross-sell
✔ Just because a customer says they are not interested, it doesn’t mean they won’t buy! I nearly spent £22,000 on an impulse buy!

What are your examples of great selling?

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