So you’re stuck in the office (or on the laptop) on those few last days before Christmas. How about not worrying and instead doing some nice stuff?

You’re getting pressure from the boss to keep pushing the figures but the world is in Christmas mode. What should you do?

Well get into the spirit of things of course!!!!

🎄Call up customers and thank them for working with you!
🎄Ask them about their plans over Christmas and CARE about their answers
🎄The world has gone messaging mad, so send a cheerful, thoughtful message wishing them a great holiday season
🎄 Find out which customers have Christmas birthdays (I’m a Boxing Day baby so I love it when people notice!). Ask them what they like about it!
🎄 As a mini Christmas gesture of goodwill, how about writing some recommendations? They will love it and you will feel good knowing they will love it
🎄 Share some posts that are joyful and tag the author
🎄 See if you can connect some people who might be able to work together next year

This is all NICE STUFF!

But nice stuff matters – throughout my sales career, I promise you, it’s the little acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and care that make for the best sales relationships. So don’t worry that you are not pitching, you are building relationships, which is one of the strongest sales strategies out there!

Happy (Christmas) selling!

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