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Building your business with LinkedIn

Who You are

Maybe you are on LinkedIn but you’re not sure if you’re making the most of it? In fact, you are pretty certain that you are missing opportunities.

Do you keep hearing stories of people who are making money and getting new business from LinkedIn, but you don’t know how?

What your issues tend to be

You want to use LinkedIn to make professional quality connections and drive revenue into your business. You know your ideal clients are probably on LinkedIn, but how do you find them and connect with them without looking like some sort of stalker? The problem is you are not sure where to start and you don’t want to spend ages trying to work it out (or worse, do it wrong and make a bad impression with potential clients). You aren’t clear about how to reach out to people, how to use LinkedIn to create strong and valuable relationships and you feel a bit overwhelmed with all the advice about ‘posting articles, recommending people, what to write in your summary, how to create the right impression’ and so on.

What you need most right now

You just need a simple, clear strategy for using LinkedIn, broken down into simple steps that you will be able to remember, so that you can use LinkedIn to generate revenue.

Well this course will teach you what you need to know, including how to drive engagement and build up your credibility so that potential clients see you as an expert in your field.20180406 122555 300x169, Tadpole Training

I created this course because I got my 5 biggest clients through LinkedIn – not only that, but they were a perfect fit for me and it was an incredibly easy sale. So wouldn’t you like to have loads more ‘perfect’ big spending clients? I’m sure you would. In just half a day you will learn everything you need to know.


  • Strategic planning to generate business
  • Positioning yourself as an expert
  • How to optimise your profile so people can find you
  • Using ‘Calls To Action’ so that people contact YOU.
  • Strategic networking – stuff that works and how to do it
  • Growing your personal credibility through groups, blogging and articles
  • How to find clients (without paying for Premium)

Spaces are strictly limited, so please book now to avoid disappointment.

Dates and Prices

This workshop runs from 1pm – 4pm

27th June 2019: Book Here

Price: £60 – £75 (early bird discounts end 20th June, so be quick!)

14th August 2019: Book Here

Price: £60 – £75 (early bird discounts end 8th August, so be quick!)

Comments from previous attendees:

“It was very practical and I have come away feeling that I now know how to use LinkedIn to gain clients and to increase the number of people that know my business exists. Thank you for sharing this information with us as a group. It has been very beneficial”

“The training was very helpful and I have been enlightened on various aspects. I will take away many things on this course. I have found it very helpful.”

“It was great – thanks Janet!”

A footnote:

You have probably noticed that LinkedIn changes constantly. Not only does it look different, but things are always moving, being replaced or something new is happening. But the fact remains that it is, in effect a massive free database of high level contacts.

This workshop will guide you through the main changes so that you can navigate around LinkedIn properly. It will also show you how to leverage the features to help you with business development.

So even if you have been on this workshop before, you should come. This one will make the most massive difference to your business.

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