IMG 3310, Tadpole TrainingAre you using the power of Case Studies in your business?

Small businesses are always looking for ways to increase their reach and compete with the big boys. With that in mind, have you really explored the benefits of using case studies to promote your business?

The Content Marketing Institute has found that B2B marketers are spending roughly 26% of their total budgets on content marketing. This is expected to increase to nearly 60% in the next 12 months.

In a 2012 CMI study, B2B content marketers reported a 70% effectiveness rate for case studies in their campaigns (they work!)

So why should you be using case studies?

It is the ‘Soft Sell’
By engaging potential customers, a good case study will mean they are more likely to contact you. This is much easier than you contacting them! It also means that straight away they are closer to buying.

Powerful Proof of what you can do
If customers don’t know you well, how do they know they can trust you? A case study is reassuring, because it provides a real human story of how you have helped someone else. It takes them on a journey where they feel emotions and is a bit like word of mouth validation – convincing because someone else is telling the story and not you.

You can use a variety of media to make a case study interesting (which of course can also boost your SEO). So consider written, film, pictures, infographics and podcasts and tailor them to your market.

Keywords for SEO
Because your case study is about problem solving and is using fresh content direct from your customer, you will generate loads of keywords – possibly not even on purpose – and  your visibility on search engines should be improved.

Totally original content
It can be hard to constantly come up with fresh content, so by spotlighting a particular customer experience, you know you will not be duplicating anything that has gone before. Each customer is different, so each time you post a new case study, you will be getting more new content. Even better, your competitors will have nothing like it either.

Opportunities for Customer Advocacy
A case study can be really beneficial for your customers too, as it will show them off in a positive light. You may find they become brand advocates for your services in return.

So get creative and contact all those happy customers of yours. What have you got to lose?


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