Well are you boring?

And does it even matter?

Well if you are prospecting it does!

What’s in YOUR inbox? What about the message section on this platform?

It’s likely to be thousands of generic messages because people have been taught a ‘magic’ formula (yawn) and

Thousands of outreach messages using AI. So generic, but with boring icing on the top. (double yawn)

Delete, delete, delete ….

How many sales people have been taught to send outreach messages in a certain way? The lazy way, the ‘one size fits all way’.

Instead, here’s a radical thought – reach out to a human as ‘another human’ and watch the magic happen.

What do I mean?

💡 For the love of everything you care about, use their name and spell it correctly.

💡 Reference something they have done, spoken at, been awarded, posted about – it shows that they are not just a number to you.

💡 Send a short voicemail message – it’s a pattern interrupt because hardly anyone else is doing it so you stand out. Even better, video message!

💡 Do a bit of research – maybe you went to school with them, you share a love of dogs/football/mountain climbing/whatever – that could be your ‘in’

💡 Send them something by snail mail. Yes – The. Actual. Post. Not a pen though (boring again see?). Let your imagination fly!!!! I sometimes send out copies of my book, but always unexpectedly so it’s a surprise! Hint, if you want to send me something, chocolate based products always go down well!!!!!

💡 Say something unusual in your outreach – in other words NOT ‘we do this and we can help with your thing’. See, even you are yawning! Reference something topical, industry related or just a little bit strange so they read it twice.

💡 Have fun! If you enjoy yourself and what you do, this will shine through. Think about it – how much joy is there in AI messages? Somewhere between ‘none’ and ‘hardly any’

Treat this game of sales as you would any game – it’s serious enough to want to do well at it, but hey, have some fun along the way!

Hugely, fantastically, happy selling!

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