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I’m a salesperson – give me a cuddle please!

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ISMM London - man asking for a cuddleI’m a Salesperson – give me a cuddle please!
I don’t know what you think about people who sell for a living. Perhaps you think we are all pushy, gobby, dishonest, manipulative charlatans. I hope you don’t, but from comments I sometimes hear a fair few of you must think this. I want you to know that sales is an honourable profession. How many jobs do you know where you need to be persistent in the face of constant rejection, pleasant in the face of rudeness, knowledgeable about your own and your customer’s business, able to ask questions and uncover not only the dreams and aspirations of individuals but also discover their greatest fears and worries? Then to cap it all you need to be able to provide a solution in the face of scepticism and then overcome objections about price. That’s quite a lot people.
So next time you are confronted by someone trying to sell you something (assuming they are trying hard and at least moderately pleasant) then why don’t you cuddle them? I don’t mean in the literal sense, but you could do any of these things and at least you will make their day a little more sunny:

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