How to Create a Great Presentation

Presentation skills training, Enfield

Presentation skills training, Enfield

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is for anyone whose role requires them to present information – to customers, influencers, team members or even to the whole company!

Presentations are often one of the most feared disciplines so we show participants a range of presentation techniques and encourage them to explore which works best for them. The focus is on clear, simple delivery and making sure the message is communicated well. So whether you or your staff are going to sell, train, speak to colleagues in a meeting or deliver a presentation at a conference, you can be confident they have the skills to do it professionally and effectively.

  • Course Content¬†
  • Understanding the main elements of a presentation (speech and report)
  • Different delivery methods (Power Point, flip-chart, boards, other visual aids)
  • The Audience
  • Purpose of Presentation
  • Environment
  • Time scale
  • Variables
  • Handouts
  • Create presentation
  • Practice Session

Duration: 1 day workshop 10.00am – 3.30pm

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