Bespoke Training

How to Grow your Business

Do you want your salespeople to be the best they can be?

Our customised sales training can be the most cost effective way to do this in terms of time and resources.

You can choose either face to face or virtual delivery, or perhaps even a combination, depending on your needs.

Whether it is a one-day course, a series of days or even a retainer model, we can create something bespoke for you.

Our training is deliberately engaging – when delegates are enjoying themselves, they learn better, so we use a variety of learning techniques to engage with all participants and to ensure they all get the maximum out of our training.

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Content Ideas

Here are some of the topics we offer. Use this as a starting point, then discuss with us to develop the exact solution you need:


Basic Sales Skills

  • What is selling
  • A basic sales structure
  • Qualities of a great salesperson
  • Telephone skills
  • How to run a sales meeting
  • Questioning skills
  • Developing a solution
  • Closing and Objection handling
  • Follow up
  • How to communicate with customers

The Modern Buyer

  • Working with decision makers and professional buyers
  • What modern buyers want
  • The pressures modern buyers face
  • How to build relationships with buyers

Objection Handling

  • Why objections happen
  • Structure for dealing with objections
  • Demonstrating value over price

    Social Selling

    • Using LinkedIn to generate leads
    • Building credibility through LinkedIn
    • Prospecting and filling your pipeline with LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Mindset and Motivation

    • Why we can struggle with sales and selling
    • Developing resilience
    • SMART goal setting
    • Achieving target
    • Being a good team player

    Questioning and Listening Skills

    • Open, closed and probing questions
    • How to listen effectively
    • Body language in the sales conversation
    • Deep listening techniques

    Account Management

    • Prioritising accounts
    • Overcoming common account management issues
    • Communicating with key stakeholders
    • Becoming a trusted supplier


      • Buying signals
      • Trial closes
      • Other ways of closing


      • Creating a brilliant first impression
      • Uncovering needs and wants
      • Creating a bespoke call structure
      • Gathering relevant information
      • Ensuring a Call to Action

      Negotiation skills

      • Negotiation structure
      • Preparing for the negotiation
      • Understanding your BATNA
      • Dealing with Hardball negotiators
      • Understand your negotiation style

        Prospecting and Appointment Setting

        • Researching your prospects for warm outreach
        • Email
        • Telephone
        • Social outreach
        • Standing out from the crowd
        • Dealing with Gatekeepers

        Sales Tools to improve effectiveness

        • SMART goal setting
        • SWOT analysis
        • Behavioural styles
        • Task and Self Management
        • Effective use of CRMs

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