Meet the Team

Janet, Tadpole Training

Janet Efere

Sales Trainer

Janet’s sales experience started with 7 years direct sales at Xerox, followed by 17 years as Group Head of Business Development in a private college, where she oversaw the sales and marketing strategy. She has experience in pharmaceuticals, local government, software and estate agency and primarily works with new, struggling or demotivated sales teams. She is based in Cheshunt in Hertfordshire and has written 2 sales books, one of which is a #1 best seller on Amazon.

Iain, Tadpole Training

Iain Swanston

Sales Trainer

Iain has over 30 years front line sales and marketing experience both domestically and internationally. Having spent 5 years based in Baltimore Maryland as a North American Sales Manager, Iain has a unique insight into the US markets from a sales and marketing perspective. Iain has spent the last 14 years consulting, training and coaching on sales and has worked with small entrepreneurial start-ups, SME’s and corporate giants such as Microsoft Corp.

Wendy, Tadpole Training

Wendy-Ann Harris

Sales Trainer

Best selling author and expert telemarketer, Wendy is known as the Queen of Conversation, and a natural chatterbox. Wendy’s forte is helping people to make every conversations count. Wendy has worked in the sales and communication industry for over 30 years, and now uses this knowledge to train others in sales and telemarketing. An expert at helping salespeople connect with buyers, coupled with her natural love for training and helping people sets Wendy apart.

Niraj, Tadpole Training

Niraj Kapur

LinkedIn Sales Trainer

Niraj has successfully delivered LinkedIn Training and 1:1 coaching to over 500 small business and many corporates like Barclays, The Guardian, Informa and Google. 

LinkedIn gave him a Top Voice of the year award in 2022, awarded to only 10 people in the world.

He’s a top sales influencer to follow 2021-2023 from Salesforce and the author of 3 books. 

If you want to optimise your profile, write better content, engage with audience, build your brand and sell in the DM’s, you want to work with Niraj

Susie, Tadpole Training

Susie Mathieson

Sales Trainer

Susie’s 20 years’ sales experience covers multiple industries including automotive, telecommunications and decorative paints, and myriad of disciplines from retail sales, account management, business development, telesales and latterly, sales leadership positions for companies such as Autozone, Farrow & Ball & AkzoNobel. Susie who is based in Germany, covers our mainland Europe delivery and support for our telecommunication and tech clients, educational organisations and several SMEs.

Kristie, Tadpole Training

Kristie Norris

Zoom Trainer

Kristie specialises in providing Zoom training and coaching to those who find tech overwhelming. As a virtual assistant, she realised that many people struggle with Zoom but need to use it for work. She demystifies the process and shares simple tricks and tips to help you Zoom like a pro!

Gavin E1692293751663, Tadpole Training

Gavin Muge

Management & Leadership Trainer

Gavin enjoyed a successful career in Leisure Management and Recruitment before moving into a L&D role in 2004. He specialises in delivering courses which are designed to increase confidence and boost results, particularly management and leadership, sales and customer experience training. Gavin holds three training qualifications, is an ex-Football League Assistant Referee, a member of the ILM and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, as well as being a published author.

WhatsApp Image 2023 08 21 At 21.20.03, Tadpole Training

Pritha Dubey

Sales, Negotiation & Leadership Coach

Pritha Dubey has over 20 years of career with 10 plus years as a leading Sales, Negotiation & Leadership coach whose clientele consists of C-Suite, Senior Executives, Senior Consultants & Women Entrepreneurs who wish to have an inspiring career & growing revenues. From managing B2C business to handling large institutional relationships, her hands-on experience in sales, leadership, training & coaching helped her formulate the Sure-Fire mantras of success.
She is a skilled facilitator and a coaching partner to many senior leaders in the Indian subcontinent & South – Asia. Pritha is enthusiastic about all sales & leadership development work and believes that self-awareness is the key to making new choices about how you lead your life and business. Her approach to coaching sets her apart – simple yet elegant, easy to follow, experiential and result oriented. She runs a successful consultancy practice on Sales Force Effectiveness and is regularly contracted by International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank, And other consulting firms.

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