Tadpole Training delivers a range of sales and customer service training to small businesses and entrepreneurs in Enfield and North London. We only use proven methods to guarantee results. Why wouldn’t you want to get more business, increase customers, sell more, learn more business skills or just take advantage of really good sales training? So whether you want a basic sales training course, customer services course for new staff or an accredited course from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) – we run ISMM Level 3 – we have something for you. If you have ever felt nervous about selling or dealing with customers, then you are in the right place, because we have helped hundreds of people just like you!

Although we specialise in sales and customer service training, we can also help organisations create and improve on their sales and marketing strategies, so that they turn into business development experts. These are some of the main ways we can help:

Help you understand what your prospects really want and need, so you can provide the best possible solutions
Increase your customer and qualified prospect base, through powerful strategies for lead generation and conversion
Ensure you have both the tools and the confidence to implement our proven strategies in your own business
Position you as an expert and thought leader within your field, increasing your credibility within your market The bottom line is that as a professional sales trainer and sales coach, Janet Efere has years of business development experience. She knows exactly what you need to make your business grow. Even better, she knows how to explain it to you in a simple, easy to follow way that you can use straight away for maximum impact.

Using benefits to sell

Effective Closing

Best questions to ask

Successful Objection Handling

Top tips for startups

Don’t be scared

The power of follow up

How to know your customers

Stop Discounting

The best bit was the volume of information supplied and the style of Janet’s approach. Lovely environment and made the course a relaxing and fun experience.

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