Joe Vargas – Enfield Council

By February 19, 2016
Joe Vargas – Enfield Council
February 19, 2016

Over a career spanning more than 25 years delivering sales and customer service solutions across both private and public sector organisations, have I rarely seen, heard or come across a trainer that’s galvanised my intention as Janet Efere has, founder of Tadpole Training. Like most people in a sales or communications, listening can be a struggle. Once you hit the 30 minute mark without a point being reached, you’ve lost me.
Janet’s 15/20 minute delivery, including a Q&A session had us all riveted with an approach that lends itself to all manner of sales environments, succinctly delivered with an unquestioning relevance that we all felt some synergy with. Well done Janet, let me know when’s the next one.

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