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How to choose a sales trainer

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How to choose a trainersales Trainer

When the time comes that you decide you or your people need some training, you will probably want to do some research on the various providers out there. Training can be a big investment for an organisation and you want to make sure that what you spend is going to yield results, not just waste your money. Here are 6 tips to help you choose wisely:

1. Does the training provider have a good track record? If they only started 5 minutes ago, then you are probably taking a chance with them – of course they could be wonderful (but equally they might not be).  So look at their background; if you are looking for someone to train you in sales, do they have a good track record of selling? If you work in the banking sector, would you want someone who has never worked in finance before to do your training? You get the idea. See who they have worked with and how recently – they should be able to give you this information if you ask. Read More