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Small Businesses – Claim your competitive advantage! (Part One)

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Sales Training in London - happy ladySmall businesses, claim your competitive advantage!
As a small business, you are probably very aware of your larger competitors and it can be very easy to be intimidated by them. The trick is not to fall into the trap of trying to match them. If you go head to head with them, the chances are that they will win, so you need to be smart. Much like the Bible story of David and Goliath, as long as you match your strengths to their weaknesses, then you can consistently beat them

There are a variety of factors that can be used to your advantage when competing for business. As someone who delivers sales training in London, I come across this a lot. Although many of these are generalisations, you will see that being smaller can often be a positive thing in the business world. This is why you can achieve real competitive advantage against these ‘so-called’ Goliaths

Respond Faster
Without a complex set of processes to follow, the chances are that your small business can respond much faster than a large company and literally make changes at a moments notice. For example, if you want to introduce an improvement or addition to what you offer, you can do it straight away. A large company may have many levels of authority and approval to go through, meaning that it can take them days, weeks or even months to make a decision and implement it.

Your small business is fast, nimble and able to make things happen. You are a bit like a speed boat, whereas they are like an ocean liner! Make it work for you. Read More

I’m a salesperson – give me a cuddle please!

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ISMM London - man asking for a cuddleI’m a Salesperson – give me a cuddle please!
I don’t know what you think about people who sell for a living. Perhaps you think we are all pushy, gobby, dishonest, manipulative charlatans. I hope you don’t, but from comments I sometimes hear a fair few of you must think this. I want you to know that sales is an honourable profession. How many jobs do you know where you need to be persistent in the face of constant rejection, pleasant in the face of rudeness, knowledgeable about your own and your customer’s business, able to ask questions and uncover not only the dreams and aspirations of individuals but also discover their greatest fears and worries? Then to cap it all you need to be able to provide a solution in the face of scepticism and then overcome objections about price. That’s quite a lot people.
So next time you are confronted by someone trying to sell you something (assuming they are trying hard and at least moderately pleasant) then why don’t you cuddle them? I don’t mean in the literal sense, but you could do any of these things and at least you will make their day a little more sunny:

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Why you should stop discounting and charge more

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Why you should stop discounting and charge more

When you looked at that heading, did you think ‘no chance!’ Or perhaps you shouted at me; ‘what does she know?’ Certainly, if you are anything like most people in business, you might have some genuine reasons to be sceptical, like:


1. I need to give discounts to win business
2. I need money and I need it now – so even if it’s not that profitable, by discounting I do get some cash flow
3. I’ll raise my prices when I’m busier
4. I don”t know how to justify charging more
5. It’s just easier to give a discount
6. My customers can’t afford to pay more

Well, if that is you, then you need to know that, unless you are in the bargain basement discount end of the market, discounting has been shown not to work. These are the main reasons why:


1. Someone else will always discount a bit more – so before you know where you are, they have undercut you, then you need to undercut them and so on. The result? Even if you do make the sale, you have totally eroded your profit margin.

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