Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills from Tadpole Training

Customer Service Skills Training, Enfield

Who should attend this workshop?
This is for any front line member of staff who has to deal with customers or who is the ‘face’ of the organisation. It is particularly useful for those who interact with difficult or demanding customers – whether face to face or on the telephone.

Learning Objectives 
By the end of the course you will:

1. Understand the benefits of good customer service to yourself, your employer and your customers
2. Know the qualities of exceptional customer service personnel
3. Have the verbal skills and confidence to assist telephone customers in a more appropriate and professional manner
4. Understand how body language can be a powerful tool to influence customers
5. Have a range of practical skills to assist difficult customers by ‘putting yourself in their shoes’
6. See how a complaining customer can be the most valuable one
7. Possess tools to ‘delight’ customers, add value and drive ROI for your employer
8. Possess the confidence to implement what you have learned immediately in your job role

Course Content 

Why is good customer service important
How do we define good customer service
Telephone Skills
Body Language
Difficult Customers
Going the extra mile for customers
Review of Learning Objectives
Next steps to implement at work

Duration: 1 day workshop 10am – 3.00pm

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