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What’s happening to LinkedIn & what should I do?

So what is happening to LinkedIn?

If you don’t know why I am asking, it’s because you probably haven’t had your LinkedIn page updated to the new layout yet. Believe me, once it’s changed, you will really notice.

I was sitting with a client last week looking through her LinkedIn profile and we were really struggling. The layout had changed and we couldn’t find some really basic things that used to be really obvious. For example:

  • The tabs at the top are different and the overall layout has changed
  • Your supporting information can only be accessed by clicking on it
  • Less space to list awards, publications and achievements – unless you click on them
  • You can’t reorder sections
  • Some of the search functions have been removed (unless of course you pay to upgrade)

There are lots more changes, but as I have yet to receive my new updated LinkedIn profile, I will have to update you as I discover things.

I can’t prove it is because they want to charge us, but that is my overriding suspicion.

Well, everyone will be in the same boat by 31st March, when apparently all profiles will be updated. In the meantime, if you have the new profile, I would be really interested to hear your comments (good and bad) and any advice about how to navigate around.

Janet is based in Enfield, north London and trains small businesses and entrepreneurs how to sell more. She has recently reached the final of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s national awards (BESMA 2016) in the category of Sales Trainer of the Year and, in November 2015 won ‘Start up Business of the Year’ at the Enterprise Enfield Business Awards.

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  • Julian says:

    2 things will happen ..

    1. we will all stop using it, or use it less than we do, because it’s just too hard, confusing or obscured

    2. They will change it back if the use goes down

    A site, because when all is said and done hat is what LinkedIn is, relies on heavy traffic to meet it’s basic needs. I suspect that what we will see is more advertising and maybe these chages are making room for more real estate to make that happen. Until I see the new layout I won’t know.

  • Great article; Appreciate the insight!

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