Be Price Confident – sell without ever discounting again!money - be price confident and charge what you are worth

Who you are

You would love to be price confident in your business. You are responsible for selling your product or service. It is not cheap – it is good value, but convincing customers that it is worth the price you charge is difficult. You are frequently asked for discounts and you are torn between providing a discount to get the sale and refusing to discount (and subsequently losing the sale).  You know other organisations charge (and get) a premium price for their products but you can’t seem to make it happen in your business. What is worse, it seems to be inconsistent; some customers pay what you ask and others negotiate your profit margin down to nothing.

What are your current issues

You can’t afford to sell at a small margin any more. You want to get paid a fair price for what you offer, because otherwise you are going to struggle to stay in business. You are starting to lose confidence and can feel the desperation creep in, which is sapping the joy from your life. You are finding it quite upsetting that your customers place such a low value on what you do, when you know that you are providing a genuinely great product or service.

What you need most right now

You need a simple way of demonstrating to your customers why you are worth what you are charging. That will give you the confidence not to discount and will make an enormous difference to the revenue (and profit) your business is bringing in. You want to know how to avoid the price objection completely and, eventually, you would even like to raise your prices. You want some techniques that will work on even the most difficult customer. Even better, you want to identify who your ideal customers are and where to find them, so that you can avoid the ones who aren’t prepared to pay you a fair price.


  • Why price is never the only factor in sales
  • What is your Unique Value Proposition
  • How to find customers who will pay the right price
  • Building Trust
  • Deep questioning to understand what is really important to customers (problems and objectives)
  • How to explain outstanding value to customers

Course dates

This is a 3 hour workshop. 9.30am – 12.30pm

Tuesday 5th December 2017: Book Here

£45 – £65 (early bird discounts available)

Comments from previous students

“Janet quickly identified and analysed my underlying reluctance and fears regarding selling and in fact, completely redefined the way I think about it. I have learnt to be price confident, to understand how to present my work to prospective clients and how to interact in a way that will encourage engagement. Janet clearly loves the selling process and delivers with extensive knowledge, understanding, sensitivity and creativity. This was a wholly enjoyable and strengthening process and I have no hesitation in recommending Janet and Tadpole Training to others.”

“Brilliant training course, very in-depth and real time changes”

“much more confident at negotiating price.”

Tuesday 5th December: Book Here