Negotiate To Win (Negotiation Skills Workshop)

Who you arenegotiating sales training

You run a business and have to negotiate to win clients and contracts. Perhaps the need to negotiate has only arisen recently or maybe it has always been there, but you want to get better at it and improve your success rate. You know that in order to grow your business, this is a skill you need to master.

What your issues tend to be

You are not sure exactly how to negotiate properly. You know you need to, but you lack the skills to negotiate on a level playing field, so you don’t feel confident. You are not sure if it is a confrontation (you are pretty sure it shouldn’t be). You keep hearing this phrase “win/win” and you don’t feel like you are experiencing any sort of ‘win’. Worse, it seems as though you could be losing money because you are negotiating poorly or not at all.

What you need most right now

You need a simple negotiation structure to follow that explains clearly and easily what you need to do. You want to know how to deal with more experienced negotiators so that you can win clients and contracts, but on terms that are favourable to you. You want to improve both your skills and your confidence in a safe environment so that you can apply this knowledge straight away in your business.


  • Why negotiate?
  • Qualities of a good negotiator
  • Explanation of the best process to follow
  • Common problems when negotiating with customers and how to overcome them
  • How to ensure you get a win/win
  • Practice session

Dates and Prices

Tuesday 5th September 2017 Book Here 

Tuesday 6th March 2018 Book Here

£45-£65 (limited early bird tickets)

Comments from Previous Attendees

Best was the simplicity of how to use the various [negotiation] tools and how they can be applied to different parts of my business

Great course – thank you! Will recommend

I did this course because I needed to be able to explain my service better and to be more confident on price

The best bit was the mixture of visual, auditory and written materials. It was an easy format to take in and a great manual

The thing that will help me the most is using Features and Benefits to demonstrate value and avoid price issues

Video Testimonial – Ruth Pearson of Listening to Your Voice