LinkedIn training Enfield

LinkedIn Profile Writing Workshop

Who you are

You know you should be using LinkedIn (everyone says so). Maybe you have started, maybe you are about to. The trouble is you are struggling…..

What your issues tend to be

You want to get the benefits of LinkedIn (you’ve heard it’s a great way to bring in business, to connect with people and that everyone who’s everyone is using it). However, you don’t know how to get started, or perhaps you have created a basic profile and now you are stuck. Maybe you haven’t used LinkedIn for a while and now you’ve noticed it has changed.

Perhaps you are simply not sure where to begin.

What you need most right now

You don’t want to try and work out how to use LinkedIn all by yourself – maybe you’ve already tried and you know that would take too long. You want someone to walk you through all the most important things and show you exactly what to do, SO YOU CAN DO PUT IT IN ACTION straight away. You are prepared to invest half a day to get an ‘all star’ profile. You are not too worried about learning the process, you just want to get it done without any hassle. You want to stop worrying about it.

The good news is that we understand:

We do everything together during the course, so you don’t have to worry about going away and forgetting what the process was or which tab does what. We do it all in the room

All you need is your laptop or tablet. At the end of the workshop you will have a really professional LinkedIn Profile and you will know loads about how to use the new LinkedIn User Interface.


This is a course with a really simple objective – to get your LinkedIn profile from whatever it is now (OK, not great, poor, rubbish, non-existent) to “All Star”.

  • Overview of what LinkedIn is all about
  • Home Page
  • My Network
  • Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Profile
  • Searches
  • How to connect, build relationships and create new business

Dates and Prices

This workshop runs from 9.30am – 12.30pm

27th June 2019: Book Here

Price: £45 – £65 (early bird discounts finish 20th June)

14th August 2019: Book Here

Price: 45 – £65 (early bird discounts finish 8th August)

Comments from Previous attendees on other LinkedIn training provided by Janet:

“The course was very good, the best bit being how to add content to my LinkedIn page. Educational and inspiring. Value for money!”

“Janet has the ability to teach even the most IT novice abilities to get involved. At least I now have the knowledge of how to access LinkedIn and to start using it. I was very happy with the training I received and I would be happy to receive another session.”

“Thank you Janet, the course was brilliant.”

“I have just attended Janet’s Linked In training session and for the first time I get it! She explained simply and effectively how to improve my profile to get myself noticed. A useful and informative session”

“You spend the time with everyone – if someone is struggling you will help them. LOVE YOUR COURSE”

“You went step by step. I felt like you were “holding my hand”. It made me feel relaxed and confident to make changes in my profile. Great job. Thank you.”