Close Like A Pro – Intensive Closing Techniques Workshop for closing the saleSmall Businesses

Who you are

You need to close more deals. You run a small business and the bottom line is you need more sales. Maybe you are getting leads and not converting them into paying customers. Maybe you know exactly what your conversion rates are and you want to work on improving them. You need help with some simple techniques to help you close more sales without turning into some sort of pushy salesperson from Hell.

What your issues tend to be

You offer a great product or service, but you are struggling to earn enough. When leads come in, you are not sure that you are handling them properly. Perhaps you don’t know what to say to prospects and you are hesitating because you are not certain that they are ready to buy yet. Maybe you have tried to get prospects to buy, failed and now that is affecting your confidence. Something that should be so simple is somehow taking on huge significance and you feel pressurised when you have to talk to a customer. You need to sort it out, but you don’t know what skills are missing and just to make things even worse, there is so much information out there that you are starting to feel confused.

What you need most right now

You need a simple, proven formula to close more deals. You need something you can learn thoroughly and fast so that you can go back to your business and use what you have learned straight away to bring in more money. You want to lose the fear and the worry and just get on with doing what you love. This 4 hour workshop will do exactly that for you.


  • The Closing mindset
  • Preparation – what needs to happen before you can close
  • Buying Signals – how to recognise them so you close at the right time
  • Why you need to ask for the order
  • Different Types of Closes for any business
  • Soft closing for coaches, trainers and anyone offering a package
  • Practice Session

Dates and Prices

This is a 4 hour workshop from 1pm – 5pm

Tuesday 5th September 2017: Book Here

Tuesday 6th March 2018: Book Here

£45 – £65 (early bird discounts available)